As an independent RN Patient Advocate, I guide and advocate for individuals in a variety of healthcare situations.  On occasion these individuals are medical professionals, which suggests that we’re all vulnerable and confused when hospitalized.  Here are highlights of a recent recommendation letter that advises every person to engage with someone qualified to advocate for you.

“As a person who practiced medicine for more than 30 years in the Chicago area, I thought I was quite familiar with hospital medicine. But recently I was hospitalized and confronted an experience that was extraordinarily challenging.

Luckily, I had made arrangements before this totally unexpected hospitalization to have Stephanie Frederick as my patient advocate.

Stephanie was essential in communicating with the various providers and making sense of what was really going on. She also prodded them to meet with both of us to review progress.

My recommendation to anyone facing potential hospitalization is to arrange in advance for a patient advocate. Personally, I can recommend Stephanie without reservation. If you engage her services, she will make sure she understands your medical condition, medications and other vital information before you are hospitalized.

When and if you are admitted, she will be directly involved as your care proceeds and provide effective communication from you to medical providers and update you on their thinking. She will also provide information on drug interactions and dietary recommendations if appropriate.

All in all, I would hesitate facing even “routine” hospitalization without Stephanie in my corner.”

Dr. T.C., Tucson AZ